Tuesday, December 28, 2021

TGSBA Lesson 0 - Swing Analysis

Swing analysis with CW - I guess we're using a 6 iron for the baselines.
Which is not great.
I can't hit a 6 iron on my best days. 
Pretty predictable result - decent carry but waaay right. Swing was out-to-in (-0.2 face, -2.8 path) with an open club face (6.5).

Other things to fix
- I'm standing really far from the ball
- The shaft gets super flat on the way back
- Right forearm isn't positively rotated

To dos
- Stand like a hobo (weight centered in my feet, not so much curvature in the lower back)
- Backswing drills with alignment sticks to lead with the chest and keep my arms closer

 - U