Sunday, July 18, 2021


How I felt

How D'Or felt

How B felt
Needed an extra day to figure out something I should have already been good at. Fantastic T1 planning and preparation on my part.
The Breakwater sucks, didn't even get good parking. Ignored B and D'Or's advice to not try and lug my doubles and stage from the beach to the upper parking lot but did I listen? Nope.

Don't be like me; be better than me.

 - U

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Sunday, May 9, 2021

Shiny metal

More like Hot Metal #hurrdurrdurr

Lessons with D-Long were great and I saw immediate improvements in my game. Not in my score (because ... Oakhurst) but it definitely felt like the wild shots were getting less wild.
It did look like the $50 garage-sale Big Bertha irons were not helping my case - they are wildly forgiving in terms of mishits but the uniflex shafts were not working for me.

I got an iron fitting at Kepler's Golf and landed on the Mizuno JPX921 Hot Metal irons paired with Mizuno Modus3 Tour 120 shafts in Stiff flex. My swing had me on the border of Stiff and X-Stiff but the former felt easier to hit and we went with that for a set from 5 iron through P, G and S wedges.

After a little bit of practice at the range, I quickly realized that the heavier shafts made it much easier for me to rotate my body through the swing. The heads were also very forgiving but I could tell exactly where I hit it every time I didn't catch a good one.

This translated pretty well on to the course - scores keep dropping.
 - U

Saturday, March 6, 2021

Playing with the Queen

We need to do this more often. I mean, she's the reason I got into golf in the first place.
Well, actually her dad was the one who got me into golf #omp #legend.

To top it off, best score to date. Including some pars!
 - U


Sunday, February 28, 2021

"That course is gonna eat you up"

Lessons are good. You learn about things that aren't immediately obvious but make such a huge difference to your golf.

Things like how to stand and how to hold things.

D-Long also suggested I play courses easier than Oakhurst as it's not particularly forgiving for beginners and "that course is gonna eat you up".
Bruh, tell me something I haven't already figured out.

 - U

Saturday, February 27, 2021


.SAT...NW winds 20 to 30 kt with gusts up to 40 kt. Wind waves
11 to 13 ft. NW swell 5 to 7 ft at 16 seconds. 

We still thought it might be worth the drive down ...
Big ol' nope.

  - U

Saturday, February 20, 2021


How do you know you're getting better at golf? When your slice turns into a hook.
At least that's what I was told.


What a hook does is send 11 balls into the abyss. And put a 129 on your card.
54 putts probably didn't help either.
 - U

Saturday, February 13, 2021

Marco's Pinnacle


Finally had some great visibility at Pt Lobos - the water felt a lot colder than it was but we could easily see 40-50ft out. Perfect conditions for D'Or and I to try for the 4th (5th?) time to get to Marco's Pinnacle. The last few attempts were ... sub-optimal.

I didn't actually do anything different other than go a lot slower on the trigger but that was all that was needed. Going slowly and paying attention to what was around me got me to where I wanted to go - whaddaya know.
We stopped at Taco on the way out and back for some camera time.

Gorgeous dive! Lots of fish around - the big ling cods and cabezons looked like they were nesting as they did not want to move away from the rocks they were around. Beautiful hydrocorals everywhere near Taco and Marco's and the usual fly by from the sea lions.

-> 81ft, 40-50ft viz, 50F

I got some waypoints on this route which I need to use again next time to make sure they're good enough to go into the navigation memory bank.

 - U

Friday, January 15, 2021

It only took 5 months

Finally got to play my first round of golf.
5 months after buying clubs and 3 months after getting a membership at a private course.
Pandemic and what not.

I had a Friday off and got grouped with the absolutely delightful Grandma Squad.
I didn't hit anything longer than a 7 iron and managed to only lose 5 balls on the way to a 117.
The 845s love digging into the turf. As pretty as they are, I may need to find something easier to hit.
And get fit for clubs so I know I have the right club+shaft setup.

Or take lessons and learn to play the right way.
And practice.

Nah, it's the clubs.

 - U