Dive propulsion vehicle
Logic Dive Gear Genesis 1200 "Serenity"

Exposure protection
DUI TLS350 Signature series drysuit
DUI XM450 Thinsulate thermal jumpsuit
Santi BZ200 thermal vest
DUI ActionWear 150 thermal jumpsuit
SmartWool and WoolX base layers
Waterproof H1 Polar Evo 10mm hood

Dive computers
Shearwater Perdix
Aladin Tec2G

Deep6 Signature 1st and 2nd stages (backgas doubles)
Apeks DST 1st stages with Apeks TX50 2nd stages (stages)
DGX piston 1st stage (argon)

Halcyon Focus 2.0 primary
Light Monkey 3W backups
DGX600 backups
Deep6 backup

Halcyon Evolve 40 (doubles)
Halcyon Evolve 60 (doubles)
Deep Sea Supply LCD 30 (singles)

Deep Sea Supply Kydex
Deep Sea Supply Steel with 8lb add-on weight plates

ScubaPro Jet
Hollis F1
Deep6 Eddy

Faber LP-85DVB with Piranha bands and DGX long neck manifold (x2)
Faber LP-85DVB with OMS bands and DGX long neck manifold
Worthington X7-120 with Highland bands and Halcyon manifold
Luxfer S-80 with stage rigging (x3)
Luxfer S-40 with stage rigging
Metal Impact XS-6 (x2)
Catalina S-19 with H-valve
Worthington X8-130