Saturday, July 8, 2017

Geotagging and the century

A few BAUE divers met at Pt Lobos to expand the geotagging database. sea_otter and I paired up to head towards Granite Point Wall; her with the camera and me man-handling the GPS tube. The latter was a 2ft long sealed plastic tube with the GPS unit which had to be launched like an SMB every time we got to a photo site and reeled back down when we moved. We could have just left it up and trailed it behind us but there was too much kelp to allow that.
The conditions weren't the greatest for photography as there was a lot of particulates in the water. Additionally, the GPS tube proved challenging to manage until I attached it to my crotch D-ring - I realized this pretty much at the end of the dive and fought it the entire time. We didn't get many usable photos for the database and the ones we did end up using were of me in absolutely awful trim and with my light cord flopping around all over the place. Terrific. The other teams didn't have much luck either with their cameras.

It was actually a very nice dive with a lot of life behind the Wall. And it was my 100th :)

-> 1hr 42min, 75ft, 49F

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