Saturday, March 24, 2018

Almost and did

Almost slipped and fell with my double 120s on.
Almost slipped and fell carrying Serenity.
Almost lost my fins getting out.
Almost didn't get out at all.

Did slip and fall on my butt while staging gear; twice.
Did lose SeƱor Schneble in the murk and on trigger; twice.
Did get knocked over by the waves and rolled around on the ramp.
Did get some more dive time with the DPV.
Did get back in the water after almost 2 months of crappy weather, angry oceans and stuffed noses.

Negative low tide was a bitch. Super slippery ramp was an even bigger bitch.
Baby seals on the beach were cute as frick.

Seemed like forever since I'd been to Pt Lobos.
-> 1hr 7min, 74ft, 53F

 - U