Sunday, July 22, 2018

Tucking tail


I should probably go back to this.
I went into the second weekend with an inordinate amount of confidence that I would be able improve on the previous weekends' performance. I mean, I couldn't possibly do any worse, right? Right? Why is everyone quiet all of a sudden?

JR joined us to take over video duties so Beto could focus on the total clusterfuck I had become. He made a couple of casual comments about my tank selection and my newly-beloved Thinsulate socks. I got this vague sense of deja vu because Beto had said something similar to me a while back as well but it didn't raise any red flags.

JR got amazing video on this day and I was able to see how badly I sucked. To say I regressed in all my skills would be a massive understatement. We didn't get to doing any of the Rec 3 specific tasks as I couldn't even manage one stop on the ascent up from 30ft. I was totally shattered, mentally and physically, an hour or so into trying to figure out what was going on - including Beto trying to bodily force my legs into the right position - but nothing seemed to be working. In the interest of letting D'Or move forward, I called it for myself at that point and got out of the water.
-> 44min, 33ft, 56F

Considering how terrible I did, the video debrief was actually something I was looking forward to and was able to see exactly what I was doing (or not doing). The tanks and thick socks were definitely making things harder for me but it came down to me not trusting in my ability to stop an ascent. I had gotten my butt kicked six ways from Sunday. Beto didn't need to tell me that I had a lot of work to do on my own before I could move forward to the deeper phase of the class.

Oy vey.

 - U