Sunday, November 11, 2018

Tajma Ha

Back in Mexico for a week of diving and started off with the usual day 1 jitters. I checked and re-checked all my gear, to try and avoid the drysuit inflator hose snafu from last time, before Nat and I drove through her backyard to Tajma Ha.

At the site, I realized I'd made a whole different snafu and forgotten my SmartWool socks in my suitcase. Lovely. My feet would be cussing me out before the day was done.

The first dive was down the Goldline. I ran the reel and, surprisingly, didn't make a total clusterfudge out of it. The water was pretty tannic around the Room of Reflections; very dark green. I got a little bit past where I had turned on my last dive here - at the hard left turn, looking down the Jumna River Tunnel. It was great to be back down there - seeing familiar passages and almost anticipating what was going to come next was an amazing feeling (yay for super detailed notes and being a data nerd).
-> 77min, 44ft, 75F

My feet did get pretty badly squeezed and the idea of developing a blister on day 1 didn't sound at all appealing. Also, I was pretty tired after the previous day's travel and decided to call it after one dive. 

The rest of the day was spent reacquainting myself with the shop cats.

 - U