Monday, November 12, 2018

Mayan Blue

sea_otter's ears were doing much better after a day's rest (and copious amounts of Sudafed) so we headed out to some familiar caves again to do a few drills and get used to diving as a team of 3. The first stop on the way to Mayan Blue was to pick up some lunch. I'm sure Beto will love my unsubtle sense of humor 😝
The first dive was down the "A" Tunnel. sea_otter ran the reel and I successfully managed to get it wrapped around my fin on the way back out to recalculate gas. The dive itself was pretty much as I remembered it - dark and creepy. We did a zero viz team exit on the way out which was absolutely god-awful from a team positioning perspective. At least I remembered the hand signals ...
-> 69min, 58ft, 77F

After lunch, and studiously avoiding all the Chechem trees, we got back in the water and went down the "B" Tunnel. This is by far my preferred one at Mayan Blue. A team before us had silted up the passage pretty well and a lot of it had settled on the halocline which made it look like a ghostly mist on top of the sparkling blue water. Very cool even though it reduced the overall visibility.
-> 48min, 67ft, 77F

By the time we got out of the water and broke down our rigs, we had the cenote to ourselves. This is how gorgeous it is.
 - U