Saturday, November 17, 2018

Mexico caves 2018 segunda vez

I was back in Mexico for a week of cave diving.

My last trip there was to do the Intro to Cave course so this would be my first trip primarily for fun dives. I wanted to keep it really simple - not renting a car, stay super close to the dive shop - and also see some new caves which I would need a guide for. I opted to dive with Under the Jungle once again and had a great time diving familiar caves, learning new caves, exploring sinkholes in the Yucatan, meeting super adorbs puppies and walking through semi-solid-mostly-liquid cow poop.

Day 1 - Tajma Ha
Day 2 - Mayan Blue
Day 3 - Otoch Ha
Day 4 - Dos Palmas
Day 5 - Yucatan sinkholes
Day 6 - Nohoch Nah Chich

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