Sunday, May 6, 2018

TDI Intro to Cave

Cave diving.

Under water. Under ground. Hundreds of feet from the nearest opening to breathable air. Absolute and complete darkness outside of the lights my dive buddies and I bring in. And a length of glorified twine that I'm relying on to help me navigate in and out of a spiderweb of tunnels that go for hundreds of miles.

Begs the question - why?

It's mind-blowingly beautiful. Beyond anything words can truly describe.

It's not the easiest diving and you need to know what you're doing but it's oh-so-worth-it. I asked Natalie Gibb of Under the Jungle to teach me how.

Here's how that went.

Day 0 - The Hook
Day 1 - The Line
Day 2 - The Reel
Day 3 - The Circuit
Day 4 - The Back of the Sign
Day 5 - The Scrabble
Day 6 - The Payoff

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