Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Locals' Ledge and Strawberry Peak

-> Locals' Ledge, 83ft, 56min, 30-40ft viz, 51F
Clear day but the wind forecast threatened something fierce later in the morning so we hauled down to Carmel for the first dive - we were geared up and ready to drop right as the anchor did. Amazing site with tons of hydrocoral and a lot of life on the structures. A wolf eel towards the end of the dive made me lose my bearings and resulted in us surfacing a healthy swim away from the boat.
-> Strawberry Peak, 69ft, 27min, 15-20ft viz, 52F
Fast and furious back up towards the bay and we decided to hazard a second dive south of Pt Pinos. This site has a bunch of channels between structures but the viz was crappy and my ears weren't cooperating so I called it early. Small Craft Advisory threatened but never materialized.

 - U