Saturday, August 31, 2019

Needle and Eric's Pinnacle

-> The Needle, 84ft, 50min, 20-30ft viz, 52F
Fair bit of fog as we motored towards Carmel in the hope of getting a dive in there before the wind picked up. The water inside the harbor and inner Monterey Bay was a gag-inducing dark brown due to an algae bloom.
Little bit of chop on the surface when we got to the site. Managed to cock up my hoses as I got in. Trying to switch to the stage, clip off my long hose and clear my mask at the same time doesn't work as well as you'd think.
 -> Eric's Pinnacle, 55ft, 63min, 50-60ft viz, 51F
Lake-like conditions on the surface and spectacular viz below. Clear blue water let us hop among the various structures around the main pinnacle.

With D'Or and DaHouse

 - U