Thursday, June 30, 2016

La Perlita

After getting done with the night dive and dinner around midnight, neither of us were keen on diving the next morning. We decided to check out the Mayan ruins on Cozumel in the morning and then just relax for the rest of the day.

It was shaping up to be an extremely hot and humid day, so we armed ourselves with multiple bottles of water and took the short cab ride to the ruins. San Gervasio isn't a very large site and can be easily walked in a couple of hours, including all the off shoot trails. I enjoyed the trail walks through the jungle just as much as the ruins themselves and can't wait to visit the larger sites in Tulum and Coba.

I really wanted to try some lionfish on this trip and the best place for that is La Perlita. I'd assumed lionfish was a novelty dish after hunting it became the cool thing to do in the Caribbean but, dang, was it delicious!! The meat is mild but flavorful and also got A's stamp of approval which, for fish, means that she took a bite and didn't immediately make a face.

After a margarita stop and a fish-nibbling-your-feet massage, we headed back to the villa; me to snorkel the dock and A to nap. There's a lot of juvenile life in the rocks around the Aldora dock - I saw a lot of small angelfish and damselfish. There's a small overhang under the dock which was reputed to have octopus in it; I didn't see any of those but did see a spotted moray which didn't look too pleased with my incursion into its space. I was in the water for a few hours without even noticing it, the setting sun eventually gave me some indication of how long I'd actually been splashing around.

 - U