Monday, November 25, 2019

Ginnie Springs

Now I feel like a GUE cave diver :)

We went back to Ginnie Springs with just one set of doubles for a short day of diving. I wanted to dive but also give myself a break after the long week and it worked out really well.

I reeled in through the Eye so we could check it out for future dives. It's a much easier path in but takes quite a bit longer. The exit here is awesome if you have any deco as there's tons of spots where you can just park and be out of the way. I think I would prefer the Ear if I wanted to get in quicker for C1 dives. 

I led the first dive and got slightly better in the flow. We made it to 550ft, just past the Hill 400 jump. We left the reel in for the second dive.

-> 43min, 90ft, 70F

Bubbles led the second dive and I discovered that swimming close to him and in his slipstream is definitely easier. Hooray for fluid dynamics. The combination of this and not spending time on the reel meant we got to 750ft, around the Roller Coaster jump, even though we had about half the penetration gas as before.

-> 41min, 95ft, 70F

I'm pretty confident we can make it to the Maple Leaf at 950ft next time around, which seems to be the common upper limit at our gas rules.

Ginnie campground was much quieter on Monday morning compared to Saturday. Seems super obvious but the difference was terrific.

 - U