Thursday, November 28, 2019

GUE Cave 1

Bubbles and I headed to Cave Country in North Florida to do the GUE Cave 1 class with Meredith Tanguay. We also had the added bonus of having Annika Persson join the class as part of her journey to becoming a cave instructor.

For me, this would be equivalent training to the TDI Intro to Cave class I had already done last year but I had made the decision to continue my subsequent cave and tech training in the GUE ladder and picked the Florida caves this time to balance out my previous experiences in Mexico.

The entire week was an absolutely amazing experience and I've come out of it as a much better diver - not just in the cave environment but overall. Mer and Annika were exceptional and I highly recommend them to anyone looking for Fundamentals, Cave or Tech training.

I can't wait to get back to the caves :)

Post class - Ginnie Springs and Peacock Springs

A big thank you to the North Florida Springs Alliance for all the work they put in to build and maintain the steps, decks and tank racks at the various state parks we dived on this trip. The difference it makes is truly significant - please consider donating so they can continue working for the cave diving community.

 - U