Thursday, November 28, 2019

Peacock Springs

The last day of the trip and we decided on a full but easy day back at Peacock One.

Our first dive was on the Olsen line and we made it the 1400ft to the gap at the Olsen Sink with a little gas to spare. We didn't surface as we were both at the turnaround time we had discussed for the average depth on this dive (it ended up being quite a bit shallower in reality but we didn't want to futz with the plan). There's a couple of cool windows closer to Olsen Sink that the line goes through and the cave also gets a lot more vertically spacious around here. I saw my first cave shrimp right at this turn around.

-> 73min, 67ft, 68F

The second dive was on the Peanut line and we made it to 1200ft even with half as much gas. Honestly, if we had the full penetration gas, I'm pretty sure I would have turned it on distance rather than gas on this line. Not sure I'm ready for that long of a swim back.

-> 55min, 53ft, 69F

We swapped out tanks at lunch and planned a super duper conservative plan for the afternoon as Bubbles wanted to try and get some video. We puttered around the first 400ft of both lines before we called it a trip.

-> 68min, 64ft, 69F

 - U