Sunday, November 24, 2019

Orange Grove

Almost there.

Cave 1, Day 6

Last day of class and I had some improvements to make on the fundamentals. We started with some valve and S-drills in 7ffw (I was super stoked when we did this within a foot variation) followed by complex reg failures, no viz exits and gas sharing in Olsen.

We got to a point where one of us lost all 3 posts and had to do a gas sharing exit for 300ft all the way through the mail slot chute to the surface. We also did a no viz exit on the next dive where we covered 200ft in 9min - a huge improvement from the last time we ran this drill.

Whodathunkit. Actual improvements over the course of the week.

The first half of the day wrapped up with line entanglement drills and unconscious diver recovery in Peanut.

-> 1hr 45min, 69ft, 69F

All of this went well enough that we did one final class dive in Orange Grove. Not one single failure to be had :)

-> 56min, 66ft, 68F

Orange Grove feels like going through a parking structure with multiple levels. It's definitely a finesse cave due to its relative tightness but super fun.

Once more to Great Outdoors for some well earned fried chicken for a couple of newly minted C1 divers.

 - U