Sunday, August 6, 2017

This time, it IS Fundies 2

After the almost-Fundies class earlier this year, I was itching to actually finish it so I could sign up for the fabled BAUE boat trips and also move forward with more training in the GUE ladder. As usual, there were some shenanigans with scheduling and buddy availability - one of the potential classmates ended up in Africa - until Beto decided I had waited long enough and we decided to move forward with just me. The plan was to do the class solo for the skills dives and find someone from BAUE to join us for the scenario dives.

I'm too lazy to write up a super detailed class report but after 4 hours in the pool and another 4 at Point Lobos, I had my recreational pass. sea_otter joined us for the last day of scenario and experience dives and covered some skills she had skipped during her class. I had improved some since my last time with Beto but still had a fair bit to work on.
  • Back kick was actually functional - long, slow and with a follow-through was the way to go.
  • Helicopter kick worked going left but not right - still haven't figured this one out.
  • Ankles stay flexed during entire flutter kick cycle - this was way easier and far more effective than what I was doing before.
  • Arms out!!
  • Ascents are still not great - I just don't have the confidence yet to move up at a the right rate. I think I'm moving up too quick when I'm actually barely getting started. The video review showed I was dumping my wing after ascending only a couple of feet. I spoke to sea_otter about this and she felt the same way before the Rec3 class. Hmmm, seems like I'll be adding that to my list.
Scooby, one of the super friendly cove residents, kept us company on both days at Point Lobos. He seemed to enjoy coming up to us right when we were doing S-drills and had the longhose deployed. Also, Beto finally got me to La Tortuga after the class. I can't believe it took me this long to go there - I guess I'm far too attached to Hula's.

No photos from this class as GUE has a new policy which doesn't allow instructors to make any images from the class public or available to the student. Lamesauce :/

I'm glad to be done - I certainly took the scenic route to complete Fundamentals considering how long ago I had started and how much diving and follow-up training I had done since then.

 - U